J/111 Polars

Since launching, there has been significant input with regards to J/111 sailing performance in both windward/ leeward course racing events as well as offshore  events.  To date, the combination of the ORR Measurement Data and polar performance plots matched against data logs from accurate B&G, Nexus and other systems as well as polar performance charts outputted by various sailmakers have permitted the following table to be produced in a spreadsheet format (should be compatible for B&G and similar systems as well as for race navigation software like Expedition, MaxSea and Adrena).  You can modify this spreadsheet and output as a CR+LF text file to upload into your navigation/ routing software.  Download Polars TXT file.    Download Polars XLS file.

You can also see a basic graphical representation of the J/111 Polar plots with the standard ORR outputs.  Download ORR Polar Plot Graph (PDF file).

J/111 Target Boatspeeds - empirical and updated continuously

This is a basic spreadsheet of polars for windward-leeward racing with optimum upwind targest and optimum downwind targest and wind angles (TWA/ AWA).  Print them out, laminate and tape to your bulkhead! Download Targets XLS file.

J/111 Sail Selection Chart

This is a basic sail selection table/ chart using a text file (usable in spreadsheet, too) to provide you a simple guide for what sails could be used for a given point of sail and windspeed.  Use this with the polars chart to optimize your speed and targets on a given heading for whatever winspeed you are sailing with.  This sail selection chart may be used in text file format or converted with our spreadsheet software to be used in various navigation/ routing software.  Download Sail Selection TXT file.

J/111 Tuning and Boatspeed Tips

How to sail a J/111 faster is always evolving.  Included here is a spreadsheet on basic tuning and also a document on various tips and tricks to sail the J/111 better in a wider variety of conditions-- what works, what doesn't work.  Download Tuning Guide XLS file.    Download Sailing Guide PDF file.